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The Monterey Commercial Property Owners Association (MCPOA) strives to create a forum to bring Monterey property owners together to enhance the aesthetic and business atmosphere for all of Monterey.


With a membership that is also open to businesses, organizations and individuals who wish to support our goals, issues and activities, MCPOA works with the philosophy “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”.

MCPOA aims to be an organization which provides communication, coordination, leadership, and advocacy for property owners and business affiliates.


  • To preserve and protect property rights.

  • To retain and enhance values of properties and businesses, and help to create a strong and sustainable economy in Monterey.

  • To develop a plan to speed up and streamline planning and building department processing.​​

  • To encourage reasonable usage and zoning standards, eliminating unreasonable restrictions in the process.

  • To develop incentive programs to attract tenants and users to Monterey.​

  • To enlist city cooperation and incentives to assist such programs.​

  • To enhance our historical areas, buildings, and monuments.​

  • To work with other organizations, associations and governmental entities to serve Monterey’s needs, and to bring Monterey business people together.​

  • To develop an attractive business environment that brings a diverse mix of businesses that make downtown Monterey a magnet for shoppers, residents, tourists and clients for a wide range of professional services.



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