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Our Mission

MCPOA Mission Statement

MCPOA PURPOSE & GOALS PURPOSE: Create a Forum to bring Monterey Property Owners together to enhance the Aesthetic and Business Atmosphere for all of Monterey. Membership is also open to businesses, organizations and individuals who wish to support MCPOA’s mission and activities. Working with the Philosophy “That a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”. To be… Read More »

Membership Sign Up


As a member of MCPOA, you will have a forum in which to address issues and help direct or enhance public policy and its affect on your property. We want and need your input. Your involvement will only enhance MCPOA’s ability to have a greater impact on the future of Monterey. Please join today and become… Read More »

Activities & Issues

MCPOA Activities & Issues

GENERAL PLAN – City of Monterey MCPOA was active in contributing to the 2004 Update of the General Plan. City Officials on a regular basis contact MCPOA for comments and opinions on matters having to do with commercial property located within the city limits of Monterey. HISTORIC PRESERVATION – City of Monterey MCPOA has a… Read More »