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Activities & Issues

MCPOA Activities & Issues
GENERAL PLAN – City of Monterey
MCPOA was active in contributing to the 2004 Update of the General Plan. City Officials on a regular basis contact MCPOA for comments and opinions on matters having to do with commercial property located within the city limits of Monterey.

MCPOA has a history of being involved in historic preservation issues within the City of Monterey. MCPOA is familiar with the City’s existing regulations and participates in the review of proposed revisions with City staff and policy makers. MCPOA always strives to maintain a proper balance of differing views with its main focus on protecting the rights of commercial property owners.

MCPOA has hosted several Candidate Forums and “Issue” Forums since 1989. MCPOA does not receive any government funding which allows the organization to be free to support candidates and issues that help commercial property owners. The forums offer MCPOA members and the public a process to weight and consider competing views.

MCPOA has a long history of being involved in Water Issues. MCPOA has sponsored several forums on water issues. These forums have been made available to the public as well as MCPOA members. MCPOA has remained involved in Water Issues and continues to monitor all Desalination projects. MCPOA maintains a standing “Water” Committee and is current on all issues of concern to Monterey commercial property owners.

PARKING –City of Monterey
MCPOA has been involved in parking issues since its inception in 1989. MCPOA has been instrumental in obtaining additional parking spaces for locals and visitors by suggesting changes to the City of Monterey. MCPOA has been able to offer suggestions for the enhancement of the City’s printed materials pertaining to parking. MCPOA has had much input concerning the City’s attendant parking lots.

USE PERMITS – City of Monterey
MCPOA has maintained a strong and favorable working relationship with the City regarding the issuance of Use Permits. The City has listened to and considered suggestions from MCPOA and has implemented some of them. Issues of concern about Variances as well as issuance of certain building permits have been part of MCPOA’s involvement also.

Advocacy & Contributions

MCPOA activities have also included contributions and or advocacy in:

  • Grease Trap Ordinances
  • Recycling & Waste Enclosures
  • Lighthouse Traffic Corridor
  • Economic Development
  • Ryan Ranch Housing
  • Traffic Issues Citywide
  • Scholarships
  • Building Sprinkler Ordinances
  • State Theater Issues
  • San Carlos Cathedral Building Fund
  • Library
  • Annual “State of the City” report by the Mayor of Monterey